Audio Tagging Tools

Audio Tagging Tools Beta 2 3.0.0

A very complete tag editor for your music files


  • Tag editing is very easy
  • Very complete reports


  • Built-in player doesn't work
  • Interface may be a bit confusing

Very good

A perfectly categorized music folder is not only visually appealing but also far more effective and easier to manage. However, having an organized music collection requires time and a considerable effort... or maybe not. Now with Audio Tagging Tools you make this task less hard and boring.

This excellent tag editor includes all the tools you need to rename audio files, create or edit tags and exchange data between one and the other. The program analyzes your music folders and displays their content on its interface, enabling you to work right in this list. It also includes a built-in player, but it doesn't work.

Although Audio Tagging Tools is a bit confusing at the beginning, you'll find that editing tags is really easy. What's more, can be done with several files simultaneously, which saves a lot of time. The program also features statistics about your music collection and the possibility to generate HTML reports.

Audio Tagging Tools supports the following formats


Do you change filenames and tags of your audio files manually or do you create playlists with your favorite audio player and got rid of it? Now the Audio Tagging Tools can do all these things for you.

With the integrated tage ditor you can easily modify id3v1, id3v2 and file specifix tag formats. Audio Tagging Tools will automatically create title numbers, clean filenames or tags for you.
Features like filters, filename cleaning, tag generator, tag editor, filename creator, output templates, a powerful script engine and many more will help you organizing your files...

Audio Tagging Tools


Audio Tagging Tools Beta 2 3.0.0

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